Students all over campus struggle with heavy schedules that leave little time for anything but homework.  For many, working out isn’t on many people’s minds, but campus officials are offering fun and exciting ways for students to get a good burn.

Water Aerobics Instructor, Courtney Richards says, “BYU-Idaho is trying to get just a lot of different classes together so that students and people from the community can come and work out for free.”

Some of those classes are Yoga, Zumba, Abs That Rock, Cycling and water aerobics.

Richards continues, “Water aerobics because it’s easy on the joints, easy on the mind and whenever you’re working out your sweating but you don’t feel it.  I think it’s such a blessing to have water aerobics just because it’s easy on the body.”

Traditional methods of working out can be hard on various joins and bring unwanted strain and fatigue, but water aerobics offers a better way to work out that is easier on your body.

Richards says “It’s helps on the joints, its doesn’t have a lot of gravity weighing on them.  With water aerobics its kind of eases the pain so you’re not hurting yourself a lot.”

Even though many cant find time or have other excuses for not working out, nothing should stop anyone from feeling welcome at any fitness class.

Richards continues,  “We all are trying to find ourselves and trying to become better and we can’t tell ourselves that we can’t do it because your never going to succeed in life.”

Water aerobics is like life; you only get out of it what you put in.  Reporting in the hart pool, I’m Tracy Flatt, scroll digital.

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