Students run to the dodgeballs during the giant dodge ball game on June 30. The blue team won most of the games. CHASE LAWRENSON | Scroll Photography

BYU-Idaho had a giant dodgeball game June 30 in the BYU Idaho Center’s basketball courts. This is not the first time the school has housed a large dodgeball game. In the past, the school was trying to beat  the record for the biggest dodgeball game played, but this time the dodgeball game was set so that when a player got out, they went to a new game.

“We’re not going for the record because we want to avoid a lot of people just standing around. We’re here to have a good time,” said Spencer Anderson, a senior studying business.

Anderson was also in charge of the event.

The game was put on by the Alumni Association and by Student Activities because the dodgeball game was open to both students and alumni.

The players were set into two  teams, which the players could pick before the game started or assigned to after.

The blue team and the grey team both started to yell as the game got started. Once the signal to go was given, hand-sized balls went flying everywhere around the court.

“My strategy is to stay out of the way during the first throw and then after get a small gro together to work as a team. This way it becomes a team game instead of just a game of individuals,” said Jared Chase, a junior studying economics.

Many participants were eliminated and a second game was started quickly to keep the players and alumni involved in what was going on.
Many players attempted to dodge the first volley of rubber balls as they came across the line.

With small rubber balls flying all around the room, there was some worry about players getting hurt or injured while participating. To keep the players safe, an EMT was on sight to help with anything.

“Unless someone falls from the balcony, I don’t think we will have any large problems today,” said Josh Johnson the EMT on sight and a senior studying paramedics here at BYU-Idaho.

“I think everyone had fun today, and if we can I think we will do this again,” said Anderson.