What do girls really want? When it comes to looking for a guy to date, what are they expecting to find?

“Girls are complicated human beings but special daughters of Heavenly Father,” said Danny Galvez, a freshman studying food science.

Galvez said all girls are looking for is happiness.

“But what does that mean?” Galvez said. “Happiness could have different meanings depending on  the person.”

He said he thinks girls care a lot about the guy’s personality.

“They look for a mature person; they don’t like to argue about dumb stuff,” Galvez said. “And they look for an attractive guy. They like when the guy smells good. ‘Abercrombie Fierce’ is always the best cologne choice.”

There are many theories about qualities girls want guys to have, but if the guy already has all the qualities we want, where is the fun in growing together?

I am not saying guys need to stop trying to be better so they can grow after they find someone. Try to be better every day doing small things.

Darlina Raspopi, a senior studying business management, said she wants a guy that is faithful, ambitious, loyal and honest.

“I want someone that can help me improve and be a better person,” Raspopi said. “Someone that has a sense of humor and that can make anything fun. The guy needs to be a hard worker and very dedicated to achieving his goals.”

She said she also wants someone that puts God first and that can be a great father to their future children.

Guys do not have to be perfect. They just need to show by their actions that they want to grow with someone by their side.

“I want a guy who will love, respect and support me as a person and who will be willing to work with me in order to be successful,” said Sasha Thompson, a sophomore studying early childhood/special education.

She said she wants someone who has a level head, goals, plans and a sense of drive and responsibility.

“I also want someone who wants to raise a righteous family and who is faithful to the priesthood that they hold,” Thompson said. “Someone who puts God first and respects the Church’s guidelines but also has a sense of humor and likes to have fun.”

Girls are not that complicated.

How can you know what the girl you are interested in wants?

Be honest but not brutally honest; ask her what makes her happy; be understanding; listen actively during conversations; pay attention to non-verbal cues; compliment her to show her you care about her; and don’t take her for granted, according to the Wiki How website.

What most girls want is for a guy to be honest, with a sense of humor, ability to protect, intelligent, loyal, respects her space and who are not desperate, according to the Futurescopes website.

“I want someone who is constantly striving to be better and make the changes they need to make in order to be worthy to be in God’s presence,” Thompson said.