BYU-IDAHO | Courtesy Photo

BYU-IDAHO | Courtesy Photo

Students interested in being volunteer life changers showed up for BYU-Idaho’s Fitness Instructor Tryouts, which took place this week.

Lisa Robison, the activities adviser over Student Activities, said that being an instructor means a lot more than just teaching a class.

“Being an instructor is really fun,” Robison said. “It helps you to serve and share your skills and talents with other students.”

Robison said past instructors have had memorable experiences with students they worked with.

“The students always tell me that they may never know that they touched somebody’s life, but at the end of the semester, they’ll come and tell them,” she said.

Cam Likes, the Wellness Activities director and a senior studying exercise physiology, said his favorite part of the program is to watch the students learn to facilitate the classes.

Robison said students come to tryouts with a 20-minute routine, ready to show a short version of their class.

“We watch for technique, proper cuing, proper body alignment,” Robison said. “You know, making sure that the teacher isn’t going to injure anyone.”

Likes said instructors don’t even need to have a lot of experience teaching, as long as they can come and be personable with their students.

Kaitlyn Lyman, the fitness instructor coordinator and a senior studying exercise physiology, said she is grateful for the opportunities offered at BYU-I.

“I feel like I’m doing service because it’s all volunteer,” she said. “We don’t get paid, and so I have students who come up to me and they’re just so grateful that we’re teaching and they get to come exercise for free. I think it’s just kind of giving back.”

Robison said BYU-I provides opportunities that students will not find at other universities.

Ashleigh McCann, a senior studying fine art, taught yoga last semester at BYU-I.

“It ended up just being great to be able to teach,” she said. “There is a way that you can understand more about your body. There’s a way for you to understand more about your mind.”

Student Activities holds tryouts for many classes, including Zumba, yoga, HIIT, Pump It, Abs That Rock, cycling and kickboxing.

“The most challenging thing about finding fitness instructors during tryouts is just getting the word out,” Likes said. “There are a lot of capable people here. It’s just a matter of finding them.”

Robison said their goal at the BYU-Idaho fitness center is to make people feel comfortable when they come to exercise in the John W. Hart building.

“We try to make it so everyone fits in there,” Robison said.

Lyman said she hopes people can recognize how powerful their minds are and that they can feel good through taking these fitness classes.

“I hope that they learn how to not get so bogged down with the day-to- day,” McCann said.

Classes will start May 4. Schedules will be posted at