Every father is our own personal superhero, bodyguard and friend. Skip the ties, socks and tool kits this Father’s Day.

Here’s a list of seven cool Father’s Day gifts for our awesome dads, according to esquire.com and askmen.com.

1. A classic watch

The right watch speaks volumes about the man who wears it. And since dads are used to keeping a low profile, stick with something classic and understated, according to esquire.com.

2. Comfy slippers

Does your father work long hours on his feet? Maybe a pair of comfortable slippers would do the trick, according to esquire.com.

3. A robe

Spending decades working and raising kids means downtime is well deserved. Make his even more enjoyable with a hooded robe. If your dad has been a lifelong robe guy, chances are his needs an update anyway. And if he wasn’t a bathrobe man before, he will be now, according to equire.com.

4. New razors

Even the grisliest of dads need to shave. This Father’s Day, help yours look sharp with a membership to any razor club. Many companies deliver high-quality razors and grooming products for just a few dollars, according to askmen.com.

5. Fresh juice

You can help him stay healthy by getting him hooked on a more nutritional option: fresh juice. Homemade juice has several health benefits and will help him avoid those commercial juices, which often have a lot of added sugar, according to askmen.com.

6. GPS tracking key

If your dad is constantly searching for his keys, he’ll get a kick out of a GPS tracking key. Dad will be able to attach the key to any item, including his wallet or keys, and track their location through his smartphone — saving him time and frustration, which is really a gift in itself, according to askmen.com.

7. Portable charcoal grill

Has there ever been a more perfect grill for traveling? There are portable charcoal grills so your dad will never have to be upset when there is no more room at the park, according to esquire.com.

It does not matter what we get our dads. Whether it is a mug or even a coupon book, they will love it. Don’t forget — Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 19!