Story by Matt Balch.

On Saturday, Feb. 6, Power to Become speakers Caroline Welty, Vice President, the Global HR business partner at Citi Bank in New York City, and Mala Grewal, executive facilitator at General Assembly and the founder of The Talent Catalyst, gave a training on the topic of passion.

During the training, Welty and Grewal asked the audience questions such as, “What are you passionate about,” and “What is the impact of others passion on you?”

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Answers to these question were, “When you are around someone with passion, your passion level rises,” and “Seeing other people passionate about something helps me push myself to have as much passion as they do.”

Grewal then described the connection between Passion=Performance using examples like Adele being a passionate singer and her music video for her song “Hello” getting 27 million hits in 24 hours, according to YouTube.

“When I think of BYU, and BYU-Idaho and Latter-day Saints in general, if we don’t display passion well I don’t know who does,” Grewal said.

Their training continued as they talked about signs of passionate people.

“These people hold characteristics like: can’t stop talking about what they are passionate about, calling their friends at 3 a.m. because of so much excitement, lose track of time at work, and perform like a rock star,” Welty said.

Welty and Grewal then talked about how to identify that passion in yourself.

Welty asked questions such as, “What do people know you love,” and “What would you roommates say you are ‘all about.’”

Welty is a BYU-Idaho alumna and Grewal is a BYU alumna.

“It’s been amazing, great to be back with students, and I really feel like our presentation was received well,” Weltysaid.