Helping people discover our passion was the mutual goal of Mala Grewal and Caroline Welty at the Power to Become conference last Friday night.

Grewal, founder of the Talent Catalyst and executive facilitator at General Assembly, said that she has observed that a lot of the people she meets or has observed who are generally not happy with their lives, and especially not their work-lives.

“We are here to help you discover your passions,” Grewal said. “We really want you to love your lives”

She said it is a realistic goal to end up with a career that you are passionate about, which includes finding your calling.

“A calling is something that you live,” Grewal said. “It’s something that you are and a way of being.”

She said she found her calling by trial and error, including working for the Penny Saver and several other global advertising agencies.

Grewal said she was able to learn a lot about her passions and her strengths but she said she also could not see herself happy down the road continuing in that path.

“I was not passionate enough,” Grewal said.

She said she came to realize that her passion was helping others find their passions or their callings as far as their careers.

“We’re here tonight to help you shorten your journey between the time you get that diploma and the time that you can say in the workplace, ‘I’m in my calling. I love doing this. I love what I do,'” Grewal said.

Grewal said that we should consider our options and that, though it is common to choose a major because of our parents or because we want a nice-paying job, those should not be the only factors.

“Pick it because you love it,” she said.

Welty, president of the Talent Catalyst and Vice President-Global HR Business Partner at CitiBank, said that discovering one’s passions involves a journey.

“Look for curves and not straight lines,” Welty said. “Your journey is not going to be a straight line.”

Welty said her journey to finding her passion or career started here at BYU-Idaho where she graduated in 2005.

She said that after college she had a lot of opportunities to work in different places.

Welty said that in one particular instance, she hit an unexpected curve in her path when she got the impression that she was going to lose her job at the time.

“What do you guys think happened,” Welty said. “Yep, I lost my job.”

She said her priesthood leaders were among the people who were able to help her make smart decisions throughout her journey.

“Do you guys know the power of people that inspire you in your life,” Wetley asked.

She said that through following the counsel of mentors and priesthood leaders, she was guided, just as we can be guided.

“I love my job,” Welty said

She said in closing that there were five things she wished she knew throughout her early job searching.

“Be open to opportunities,” Welty said. “Be humble.”

She said that students should watch their actions, because whether or not students are conscious of it, people are watching them.

“Be mindful,” Welty said.

She said we should be more aware of the way we are treating those around us and what we say.

“Watch what you are putting in social media,” Welty said.

She said that employers know their way around social media and that we cautious about the quality of things we decide to post.