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Everywhere you look, relationships are forming. Some men spoke up about what they are attracted to in women.

Five male students spoke about what they are attracted to in women. In particular, they mentioned physical attractiveness, personality and spirituality.

“Prior to marriage, a girl caught my attention by how she acted, which I could tell based on who she was with or what she might be doing at the time,” said Isaac Marble, a senior studying history education.

Marble said he also looked at a woman’s personality before he got married.

“The first real trait I think I would be looking for is whether or not she seems happy,” said Robert Aul, a sophomore studying business management. “Is she positive in attitude and conversation? If she puts out happiness, then I would be much more likely to turn my attention to her.”

Benton James, a junior studying automotive technology, said the first thing he notices about a lady is how she appears: attractiveness, dress and friendliness.

“There is an urgent need to expand what we mean by ‘attractiveness’ to include a much broader array of factors than physical traits alone,” said Viren Swami, a psychologist of the University of Westminster in London in an article for Psychology Today.

Studies indicate physical attractiveness might matter in the absence of social interaction, but once social interaction takes place, the importance of appearance diminishes rapidly, Swami said.

“If a guy bases something on looks or affection by itself, then it might dwindle over time,” Marble said. “There needs to be mutual interests and especially mutual support.”

Drew Byington, a freshman studying computer information technology, said his motivation to talk to a girl is based on what he overhears her say to others.

“I feel a connection if she humors some of the mannerisms and jokes I make, or I am able to legitimately make her smile, I feel a strong accomplishment of conversation,” Byington said. “If I answer a question quickly or not with much detail, it shows I’m not really interested in continuing conversation.”

David Robertson, a freshman studying physics, said three things stick out to him about women.

“Do they have some form of academic goal, will they be a good mother, especially in teaching the gospel, and how serious are they about God?” Robertson said. “The rest is getting to know them personally and if we will work together well.”

Aul said a spiritual attribute he looks for is having a testimony of modesty.

“If they are not dressed modestly, I wouldn’t consider asking them out,” Aul said. “I’d still be friendly, but I’m just not interested if they don’t dress modestly. If the girl is happy, positive and dresses modestly, you’re much more likely to get my attention.”

James said he found a few qualities in his wife while dating that he admired. He said he noticed she was humble, patient, charitable, obedient and exercises her faith.

“In the gospel, I found someone who really makes me a better person in tangible, visible ways,” James said. “She’s careful about what God has entrusted to her. She’s a good example to me.”

Byington said he can sometimes see the spiritual strength that women possess.

“I would hope that she would look to the Lord at all times for strength, and any shortcomings she feels that she has can be coped with his tender love,” Byington said.

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