Side Up-Do. Megan Sexton | Scroll Photography

Choosing the right hairstyle can be very important on a bride’s big day. It’s her opportunity to express herself. Inspiration can be drawn from celebrities, wedding magazines, runways, or blogs.

Nikki Horner, an Evans Hairstyling College student, said she likes when brides stray from the norm.

“I love when girls get a little bit creative,” Horner said. “I like when girls have braids or something a little bit different.”

However, Horner said there are some popular hairdos that never fail to impress.

She said some of the most popular hairstyles are long, curly and voluminous and -dos.

These hairstyles can be done at a salon or at home, but Horner said that brides should make an appointment at a salon to get their hair done right.

“It’s her special day and she needs to be pampered,” Horner said. “Sometimes when you do it yourself, you tend to leave things till the last minute. It’s good to have an appointment set , that way you don’t have to be so stressed later. You know it’ll be done and you know it’ll be good.”

Nichole Leavitt, another student at Evans Hairstyling College, had some tips for brides who want to do their own hair. Leavitt said that one of the most important things for the bride to have is patience.

“Practicing first is a good idea,” Leavitt said. “Maybe try your hairstyle out a cole days before. There are different things you can put in your hair. There are flowers, tiaras, nets and butterflies. Plus you can always look on Pinterest for good ideas.”

Horner said wedding hairstyles are important because they display your personality.

“Your hairstyle shows a little bit about who you are,” Horner said. “It shows your style, and everyone has an individual style. It gives a first impression.”

Logan Wilcox, a hairstylist at Evan’s Hairstyling College, gave some advice to brides on their wedding day.

“Have fun with it. Do your own thing,” Wilcox said.