You check your mail and you see it: a small, carefully crafted, Pinterest-inspired envelope. Wedding season is almost here, and chances are you’ve been invited to quite a few of them. Here are a few things to keep in mind when facing the upcoming wedding season while single.


Attend the weddings you’ve been invited to. With or without a date, a wedding is still a happy occasion for the bride and groom. If you’ve been lucky enough to receive an invitation, then the couple has thought of you and want you to be a part of their special day, so go and enjoy it!

Don’t feel obligated to buy gifts

Your coupled friends will understand. Let the relatives and close family friends handle getting the wedding gifts. You focus on being a starving college student.

Treat yourself

Don’t forget that you’re still on the market. Use each wedding as an opportunity to pamper yourself; you’ll look your best when you feel your best. Try a new hairstyle, or splurge on a new outfit. Don’t, and I repeat, don’t try self-tanning lotion the day of or the day before a wedding. You will be orange. Seek professional spray tan help.

Experiment with going stag

Going solo to a wedding has a ton of benefits. You can sneak in and out at your leisure, you don’t just have to dance with the one who brought you, and you’ll meet more people.

Avoid being on your phone the entire time

Don’t let your smartphone be the only thing your attention falls on, even if you get nervous or shy. Pack it away so you’re forced into real face time with people.

Don’t dwell on your single status

Most people won’t even notice if you’re single at a wedding. If you don’t dwell on it, neither will they. Do not treat your single status as an excuse for a pity party. Remember the real reason you’re there: to celebrate two of your friends coming together.

Bring a friend

If you still feel uncomfortable going alone to a wedding to which you were given a plus-one card, then bring a friend. Having someone you know there may help cut down on any awkwardness you might feel, especially if you don’t know the other guests very well.

Make an appearance

Don’t feel pressure to stay until the end. After the reception, first dance and speeches are over, feel free to say a quick word to the bride and groom and leave. The couple has so much going on that they probably won’t even notice.