The transition from BrainHoney to Brightspace is nearly complete, and to celebrate, students working on the transition decided to surprise their boss with Disneyland tickets.

Tee Contravo, a senior studying social work, came up with the idea to buy the tickets for their boss, Corey Moore, a curriculum designer with I-Learn 3.0 Implementation.

“Last February, I thought of something we could do to say thank you,” Contravo said. “Everyone was really excited about it.”

Contravo said that when Moore was young, his parents went to Disneyland without him or his siblings to see if the park was kid-friendly. He said that when they returned, they said the park was not for kids; because of this, Moore has never been to Disneyland.

“We wanted to gather money for his whole family to go to Disneyland,” Contravo said. “Not just him and his wife.”

Contravo said Moore has four young children, so she needed a lot of support to raise the funds.

“At first, I told just a few people about it,” Contravo said. “By the end, at least 50 people helped donate.”

On Thursday, July 7, the I-Learn team had their closing social, where the team presented the tickets to Moore.

“We wanted to make it a huge hurrah,” Contravo said. “The whole team came, and Brother Moore’s family came to see the surprise, too.”

Contravo said Moore’s wife was in on the surprise, but Moore himself had no idea.

“I was so surprised,” Moore said. “I was thinking 50 different things, but none of them Disney. When I pulled the tickets out, I cried.”

Contravo said Moore has been working on the I-Learn transition for about a year and a half.

“The team started off with 22 people,” Contravo said. “It originally took 50 hours to convert one course from BrainHoney to Brightspace. As time went on, we got larger teams, better training, more familiarized with how to make courses from BrainHoney work in Brightspace. Now it takes about 30 hours to convert one course.”

Moore said at its largest, the I-Learn team had 76 people.

Moore said BYU-Idaho is transferring to Brightspace from BrainHoney because the latter does not meet Americans with Disabilities Standards.

“The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that state and local governments provide qualified individuals with disabilities equal access to their programs, services or activities, unless doing so would fundamentally alter the nature of their programs, services or activities or would impose an undue burden,” according to the ADA website.

Contravo said there are many other reasons BYU-I is transferring to Brightspace, many of them spiritual educational advancements.

“We’re going to be able to do much better with Brightspace,” Contravo said.

Contravo said she is grateful for all the contribution from her coworkers to help surprise their boss.

“This idea can’t happen without support and excitement from the team,” Contravo said. “We all worked together to create something great. Everybody loves our boss.”

Moore said he is grateful for all the work his employees have done.

“They’re amazing,” Moore said. “This was not expected and not warranted.”

Moore said his family plan on going to Disneyland in October.