Halloween is here, and with over 10 dances to choose from and a host of other parties and carnivals and festivals to attend around Rexburg, the time to decide where to go is now.

John Ercek III, a senior studying communication, said he suggests going to the Halloween events on campus.

“You get more for your cash,” Ercek said.

Students who pay the entrance fee get into all the Halloween events on campus such as Fan faire, the River of Styx, Anime-Con and BYU-Idaho’s Halloween Dance, according to the BYU-Idaho Activities event Web page. All the events are happening at the same time, so students can wander in and out of each event whenever they choose.

“Fan Faire is the Comic-Con of BYU-Idaho where everyone dresses up as their favorite characters from TV shows, anime, etc., and it gives rising artists the chance to display their work,” Ercek said.

Fan Faire started in 2013, and has become a tradition for Ercek and his roommates to attend, dress up and even volunteer at the event.

“I dressed up as a member of ‘Laughing Coffin,’ from Sword Art Online, and my roommate, Ben, dressed up as a mercenary,” Ercek said.

This year, Ercek said he will be volunteering to run the River of Styx, a haunted boat ride across the John W. Hart Building pool.

At last year’s Halloween Carnival, Fan Faire hosted a fashion show, a speed dating game, a quote game and more. Ercek said he remembers people playing a Nintendo 64 and playing the original Mario Kart, Donkey Kong and Super Smash Brothers.

Fan Faire is a big part of the carnival, but the dance is the main event, according to the BYU-I Activities event Web page.

Devin Collins, a BYU-I alumnus, dressed up as Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon last year.

“My favorite part of going to the Halloween events on campus was putting the costume together and seeing other people’s reactions,” Collins said.

Collins said he is going to miss the Halloween dance since he graduated and cannot be in Rexburg this year.

“They were perfect for just being able to go crazy dancing around and cutting loose after a crazy week of school,” Collins said.

The Halloween Carnival is going to have a photo booth, costume contests, food and games, according to the BYU-Idaho Activities event Web page. 

“The Halloween Carnival is so much fun because it is more than just a dance,” said Kimberly Zimmerman, a junior studying nursing.

Annalei Winder, a junior majoring in general studies, said that her favorite part of the yearly Halloween Carnival is the planning and the preparing costumes to wear. Winder said she loves dressing up and seeing everyone else in costumes.

“I remember a guy dressed up as a car last year, and he even had a license plate,” Winder said. 

Zimmerman said the Halloween Carnival last year was a blast, and this year should be even better.

Alaire Bowen, a senior studying fine arts, said the Halloween Carnival Dance is a great place to dance, play games, and check out the display booths while dressed up.

Bowen manned one of the booths at Fan Faire last year as part of the Halloween Carnival for Sweet Pork Comics, and this year reserved many more tables for her and fellow artists.

“Just go dance and have fun, and let your nerdy side show, and don’t worry about what others think,” Collins said.

Winder said that time at BYU-I is short and to enjoy it while it lasts.

“Get out there and participate,” Winder said. “If you sit home and do nothing, you won’t have a fun Halloween, but it’s best to get out, get a costume and go make it fun.”

Even people that do not like to dance can have fun, Ercek said.

“I personally would prefer meeting a geeky girl at Fan faire than at a dance,” Ercek said. “Sometimes at dances the music is too loud and makes it hard to talk, and makes things really awkward when you try to get their number.”

Ercek said there is something for everyone at BYU-I’s Halloween Carnival.

“As a college student, if I can save money and meet a cute girl who is interesting in the same stuff as I am, than all the more reason to go,” Ercek said.

Bowen said the Halloween Carnival is a great place to make new friends and network.

The doors for the events open at 7 p.m. Saturday.

“Come check it out,” Ercek said. “Not just Fan faire, but all the Halloween Events. It is going to be one spooktacular evening.”