The Hawks competitive golf team has shown their dominance by holding the top spot the whole season with just three team members.

The Hawks have a team average of 39.3, which is 3 strokes lower than their nearest competitor, the Knights, according to IMleagues. The Knights averaged a score of 42.15, the Spartans averaged 43 and the Vikings        averaged 43.8.

Team captain Sam Phillips, a junior studying history, said their team situation was unique because two of their team members had to quit early in the season for various reasons.

“With only three players, we all have to play well,” Phillips said. “That leaves little room for error as a team.”

Mike Holland, a team member and sophomore studying psychology, said he thinks only having three team members can be a strength.

“The three of us have been at it from the beginning,” Holland said. “It is nice because we all have to play well. It is an incentive to do our best. Plus, we all like each other.”

Holland said one focus of their practices has been on their short game.

“We always have to go and make ten putts after practice,” Holland said. “We have definitely improved around the green this year. You can’t win if you don’t make putts.”

Phillips said he believes what sets them apart as a team is their ability to have fun.

“Playing against the other teams has been great,” said Luke Olson, one of the Hawks’ golfers and a freshman studying psychology. “They are a bunch of good guys. Of course it is competitive, but they are fun to be around.”

Olson said his goal was to make sure to birdie the par-5 holes to ensure a good score for his team.

Phillips said their team won collectively and he won individually in their crucial match on June 17. He said their team won the match with a team average of 40.33, about 4 strokes less than the second place team.

Phillips said there is one more round to be played to determine the placement of the other teams.