Fenton L. Broadhead will retire from his position as academic vice president Fall Semester 2015, and Henry J. Eyring will take his place.

“What it means to me in an emotional way is the great opportunity to work with people who I think are the greatest faculty members anywhere, serving outstanding students,” Eyring said.

He said he has three children of his own who are BYU-Idaho graduates and that he has learned a lot from them.

“I know from my children­­, watching their experiences, just what a great university we have and how much that really is a function of faculty members who are talented and dedicated to serving the students,” Eyring said.

He said Broadhead has served for a long period of time and he hopes to do just as well.

“I have very, very big shoes to fill,” Eyring said. “Fenton Broadhead is someone who is very knowledgeable, loved by the faculty, and I don’t have that background.”

Eyring said he feels lucky to have seen the university through his children’s eyes, and that will help him.

He said he is glad he has the help of others to teach him.

“It is a blessing for me to work more closely with the faculty and the students,” Eyring said.