Freeman Park in Idaho Falls is perhaps best known for its massive disc golf course, and other sport and recreational facilities, but this Memorial Day weekend, the park took on a patriotic transformation for the 5th annual “Field of Honor” as hosted by the Idaho Falls Exchange Club.

“This is our 5th year,” said David Smith, president of the Idaho Falls Exchange Club and an Idaho Falls city council member. “Lisa and I were approached by clubs in Montana that we should do something similar. They put on a ‘Healing Field’ for September 11. We went up and looked at how they did it, and decided that this would be a great event for Idaho Falls, but we do it on Memorial Day to honor veterans or heroes.”

In addition to heroes of war, the Exchange Club honors heroes such as law enforcement and firefighters. They also place special emphasis on victims of child abuse.

“The field to date, I really don’t have hard numbers, just because we haven’t added them up, but it has been mentioned that we’re somewhere around $40,000 to the prevention of just child abuse,” Smith said.

The money raised by the event is also donated to local veteran’s groups, as well as crime prevention services and charity.

“We post 100 flags,” Smith said. “Last I heard, and it has been about an hour, we had sponsors for about 300 of those. So we’ve got a long weekend ahead of us. People can come out and sponsor a flag, or they can go onto and do it over the internet. We will tag a flag with their hero’s name and fly it for the whole weekend in their honor. It’s a lot of work, and we need some more volunteers, but that is the idea. This is the fifth one, and we are still planning to go ahead next year.”