Hailey Thomas | Scroll Photography

Hailey Thomas | Scroll Photography

Richard Clifford, the Associate Dean for the College of Performing and Visual Arts, talked to BYU-Idaho students today about becoming spiritually vulnerable, during the weekly Devotional.

As an actor, Clifford played the role of Nicodemus in the new Bible videos produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

During his role, he reflected on the words that Jesus spoke to Nicodemus, “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.”

“But how can these things be?” Clifford asked the student body.

He reminded the audience that what Jesus was teaching Nicodemus was that we all must be spiritually reborn. Clifford added that this rebirth, or spiritual journey, is an ongoing one that requires us to become spiritually vulnerable.

He taught that spiritual vulnerability is a state that describes one as having a broken heart and a contrite spirit, attributes that the natural man is not comfortable with.

Because our natural man fears this state, Clifford shares three things that we can do to increase our own spiritual vulnerability.

1.) Commune with God with real intent

2.) Be fully present

3.) Have courage to be imperfect

He also informed the audience of the fruits that come to us when we become spiritually vulnerable.

  • Increased gratitude
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased desire to fully repent
  • Increased empathy and charity towards others
  • Increased wonder in the atonement of Christ

In closing Clifford sent an invitation to the audience, “We can do at least one thing today, we can ask Heavenly Father today for strength to become more spiritually vulnerable.”