Sometimes the run-of-the-mill brownies and store-bought cookies at home evening can become boring.

Spice up your home evening refreshments this October with these recipes:

1. Pumpkin-shaped Rice Krispies

This festive treat only requires six ingredients and is easy to make!

The ingredients include Rice Krispies cereal, butter, marshmallows, red and yellow food coloring, Tootsie Rolls and a green Fruit Roll-Up, according to

Start out by melting the butter and marshmallows together. Remove the mixture from heat and add the food coloring to create the perfect orange pumpkin color.

Mix in the Rice Krispies and roll the sticky concoction into balls.

Use the Tootsie Rolls and Fruit Roll-Ups to create the pumpkin stem.

When you run to the store to get the ingredients, make sure to pick up a few pumpkins to carve for an activity to accompany your Rice Krispie treats.

2. Inside Out Caramel Apples

This recipe, found on, provides instructions to make caramel apples without the sticky mess.

Buy pre-made caramel and melt it in a saucepan instead of using the homemade recipe offered on the website to speed up the preparation process.

Pour the melted caramel onto apples that have been sliced in half with the insides scooped out.

According to the recipe, there will be some downtime while the apples are cooling in the fridge, so head over to the haunted Straw Maze in Rexburg for some Halloween fun.

Directions and pricing for the maze can be found on When you return, retrieve the apples from the fridge, slice and serve.

Student whips together a treat in preparation of FHE. (Logan Peterson, Scroll Photography)

LOGAN PETERSON | Scroll Photography

3. Spider Web Pretzels

This sweet and salty snack only calls for two ingredients: pretzels and white chocolate. The recipe can be found on

Use white chocolate chips for a cheaper alternative. Break the pretzel rods in half and arrange them in a snowflake shape.

Melt the chocolate for 15 seconds and then scoop it into a Ziploc bag with a very narrow hole cut into one of the corners.

Pipe the chocolate into the center of the snowflake to secure the pretzels, then drizzle a swirl around the snowflake shape to create a web.

These little webs take time to harden, so enjoy a fright-filled night at The Haunted Mill just 10 minutes north of Rexburg while you wait. More information can be found on

4. Ghost Berries

For a healthier treat,use this recipe found on for chocolate covered strawberries that look like little ghosts.

The recipe calls for strawberries, mini chocolate chips and one package of Vanilla CANDIQUIK Coating, but you can use white chocolate chips instead, according to

For an activity to go with these spooky snacks, check out “Six Ways To Get The Most Out of The Mckay Library” by¬†Scroll to find out how you can get access to some free scary movies.

5. Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups

This dessert is a fall themed spin-off of the well-known dirt and worms pudding cups.

Instead of gummy worms, buy a bag of pumpkin shaped candies to set on top of the pudding and Oreo crumb layers, according to

Before digging in, you can spend the evening at RC Acres Pumpkin Patch in St. Anthony to kick-start your appetite.

Find more information on

Between a pumpkin patch and scary movie, or a ghostly strawberry and Rice Krispie treat, there is something for everyone to enjoy.