There are some fashion trends at BYU-Idaho that are exclusive to this campus.

What are they? Do you keep up with the latest trends?

McKenzie Stone, a junior studying art, shared her thoughts on the dresses that girls have been wearing left and right.

“Everybody’s floral dresses right now are definitely a fashion trend,” Stone said. “Everybody and their mom has one. I walk into sacrament meeting and every single girl is wearing one.”


Is it better to go with the flow and try out the new trends or try and avoid them altogether?

Hayden Huffstutler, a freshman studying construction management, said a certain men’s trend has been present for a long time on this campus.

“Everyone wears skinny jeans and converse,” Huffstutler said. “As far as skinny jeans, I don’t wear them.”


Barbara Velasquez, a freshman studying business management, said sometimes it’s difficult to follow the latest fashion trends because of the dress policy on campus.

“Everybody is wearing crop tops even though you are not allowed to,” Velasquez said. “Fashion on campus is hard because you have to make it modest.”

Velasquez said a lot of girls are following one fashion trend that she herself follows as well.

“Girls are wearing chokers,” Velasquez said. “Along with high waisted jeans.”


Stone said that some of the fashion trends on the BYU-I campus have stuck around for a little too long.

“Our trends stay for a very long time,” Stone said. Booties were in about a year ago and they are still in here. We are all a little late and obsessive here.”

Stone said that she thinks BYU-I students are late to the game on fashion trends.

“There’s no mall here so our trends get morphed into what everybody thinks is cute,” Stone said.