BYU-Idaho has a variety of places available for students to live, but the main decision students must make is whether to live on campus or off.

“I like to be away from school, and being able to go off campus makes it feel like you’re actually leaving school. If I was living on campus, it would be like, ‘Okay, I’m done with school.’ Oh, I still live in school,” said Ephraim Burrell, a sophomore studying English.

“I enjoy the on campus because I wanted to be closer to my classes. Also, the neighbors here are very friendly here, and I enjoy the company,” said Judith Gutierrez, a sophomore studying human biology.

Being around people is an important aspect of student living. One student says there’s something special about living off campus with regards to meeting others.

“You just meet a lot more diverse people, which I think is really cool. We have neighbors who are from different countries, so I just think it’s really cool that you can meet new people,” said Devon Schroen, a junior studying art education.

Making new friends is great to keep in mind when deciding where to live. However, there are other factors to remember as well. Scot McClain, a sophomore studying automotive management, says he would rather live in on campus housing.

“I prefer it. My friends are off campus; they always talk about having to walk long; you’re right next to the dorm. You don’t have to be like, ‘Ah, I’ve got 15 minutes; I’ve got to go to class.’ You can leave in five minutes and get anywhere on campus. And generally besides no air conditioning, it’s great,” said Scot McClain, a sophomore studying automotive management.

That’s not all students have to take into account when choosing housing. Pricing also plays a big role in determining students’ decisions.

As you can see, these averages show that off campus housing, shown in blue on the left here, is slightly more expensive than on campus housing. However, it has a greater variety to choose from, which does include some cheaper prices.

One student shares his experience with housing and why he chose to live off campus.

“At my first college it was cuz it was cheaper. That’s not the case here, but I guess the reason I can be here is because it’s more at-homey feel. You are really off campus and you feel more self-sustainable, not that you’re like a boarding student at Hogwarts or something,” said Kenneth Randall, a sophomore studying mechanical engineering.

Whether they choose on campus or off, there are many things students must take into account when choosing housing. Reporting from BYU-Idaho, Alicia Mihu, Scroll Digital.

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