In a recent Scroll survey, 97 percent of students reported feeling that the millennial generation is addicted to their cell phones.

“I worry that I might be too attached to my phone,” said Andrew Farmer, a freshman studying engineering. “I think that it’s a significant problem with society today because we are missing important face-to-face discussions.”

Aleisha Bowen, a senior studying physical education, said phones can be addictive.

“I’ve witnessed the following situation happen,” Bowen said. “With a group of people, girls may find a boy attractive, but instead of conversing with him, the girl turns to her phone to text her friend about the boy.”

Caroline Jolley, a sophomore majoring in general studies, said she feels like they should focus on the people they are with in the moment, rather than those they are conversing with on their phones.

“I think it is important to actually be where our feet are,” Bowen said. “The other people can wait.”

Phone usage infographic-01

Tiffany Lundy, a senior studying business management, said students need to be aware of their environment while driving as well.

“If you are really needing to look at your phone or text someone, wait until you get to a red light or until you get to the parking lot of where you are going,” Lundy said. “It’s not going to kill you to wait, but it may kill you to not wait.”

James Roberts, Ph.D., the Ben H. Williams Professor of Marketing in Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business, said as cell phones continue to increase in their functions, so does the possibility of cell phone addiction, according to Baylor Media Communications.

“It’s not that I’m addicted to my phone,” said Elisheva Ali, a senior studying social work. “I’m addicted to Facebook, which is on my phone. But I am working on it.”

Derek Dahle, a freshman studying exercise physiology, said he has learned how to monitor his cell phone usage.

“I’ve had to cut down at times in my life where I felt like I was texting or on Facebook too much,” he said. “So, I do believe it’s possible to cut back.”