Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are popular social media sites. They are available constantly through the computer or on mobile devices.

Facebook alone has almost 2 billion users, according to CNN Tech.

How does the use of social media affect our everyday relationships?

“We are going where no human has gone before, hooked up to apps offering unprecedented exposure to the innermost thoughts and actions of others,” according to Huffington Post “as well as new avenues to spy on our loved ones, cheat, and cover the tracks.”

Communicating through social media or texting has become a more popular way to communicate, according to USA Today College. Many would prefer to communicate online, in the comfort of their own home.

“If it was a friend, I would talk to them in person,” said Samantha Weight, a junior studying psychology. “Otherwise text, so I can respond when I want.”

Social media sites allow us to form a virtual relationship before we meet someone in person.

Christian Price, a sophomore studying mechanical engineering, said he would prefer to talk to someone in person, rather than through text messaging. “80 percent of communication is nonverbal, and you don’t have that while texting,” Price said.There’s less interaction.”

We have all seen pictures of beautiful celebrities or extravagant vacations, but “we are now our own worst enemies because of the way we’ve distorted and manipulated our social media presentations,” according to the Huffington Post.

We tend to compare ourselves to what we see online. According to Social Comparison Theory, we base our self worth by comparing ourselves to others.

Global News held an interview with millennials and talked about the role that social media plays in their life.

“Social media is how the world is going to be,” said Taren Gesell, who was interviewed by Global News. “A better approach would be to learn how to put it into context of what is productive on social media and what isn’t.”

Although social media makes it more difficult to form an inperson relationship, there are many benefits that come from it.

“While some may be addicted to their social media networks, it is one of the best ways to stay informed,” according to Forbes.