Everyone does it. There is just something wonderful about sitting on a comfy couch, stuffing popcorn in your mouth and watching your favorite show for hours upon end.

The New York Times published that a parent‘s ability to limit screen time is a statement of “class, order, purity and parental authority.”

Students at BYU-Idaho no longer have their parents to limit their screen time. Most of them rely on themselves and what their parents have taught them to regulate how much time they spend in front of a screen.

How much time do BYU-I students spend indulging in the latest movie or binge watching an entire season on Netflix?

Estefany Salinas, a freshman studying theatre education, shared how much time she spends watching Netflix. She said she likes Netflix because it is an easy medium for watching her favorite shows.

“I spend quite a bit of time in front of a screen,” Salinas said. “I’m always watching Netflix.”

Jenny Walker, a sophomore studying nursing, said she likes to set aside some time for watching her favorite shows every day.

“I spend probably an hour a day watching TV,” Walker said. “I watch Friends, and I prop up my phone on the table while I’m eating.”

How much time should people spend in front of a screen? Where is the line drawn between healthy and unhealthy?

William Haymond, a sophomore studying economics, said he believes, for the most part, sitting in front of a screen is unhealthy.

“In the right circumstances it is OK,” Haymond said. “Using it as a family or friend bonding experience, or if it is an uplifting movie than it is good.”

Sam Ciavardini, a junior studying computer science, Kelly Walters, a junior studying Communication and Brooklyn Monson, a senior studying nursing, watching a TV show and eat popcorn together.

Walker said she believes it is unhealthy if it is replacing other things that you should be doing.

“I don’t think it’s very healthy,” Walker said. “Sometimes I watch Netflix instead of studying on the weekend.”

Salinas said that watching shows and movies every once in a while is what she considers a healthy amount.

“I think a moderate amount of time is healthy,” Salinas said. “If you are laying in bed all day doing nothing and watching TV, it is not healthy.”

Some people use watching TV and movies as a stress reliever. It is easy to sit in front of a screen and forget about all of the tasks you have to accomplish.

Walker said she uses Netflix as a way to de-stress.

“It’s important to relax,” Walker said. “It is interesting though, because when you are watching TV your brain waves are doing nothing. It is like sitting and watching a wall.”

Sometimes it happens. You get pulled in. The next thing you know, a screen pops up and asks you if you’re still watching. That is when you know you’ve passed the limit.

Haymond said he thinks Netflix is addictive for this reason.

“I think Netflix is dangerous, because you go on with the intent that you will only watch one thing, but if you don’t stop it, it just continues,” Haymond said.

Salinas said she has been sucked into bingewatching Netflix.

“I started watching How I Met Your Mother and I finished it in three weeks,” Salinas said.