General conference season is once again upon us.

“Nevertheless, there are messages in each general conference given as a gift and a blessing from heaven specifically for our personal life situations,” said President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. With general conference just around the corner, there are many ways to prepare to feel the Spirit during conference and the week leading to conference.

1. Write down questions and pray



With conference getting closer, make a list of questions that you might have. While pondering over your questions before conference, pray that you’ll be able to receive guidance during conference and to be able to get an answer to your questions.

2. Review the last general conference

Fall 2013 General Conference Sunday Morning Session-9

When preparing to hear from the Prophet and Apostles during conference weekend, go back and reread or listen to the last general conference. Make yourself a checklist to see changes you made in your life, goals you accomplished or thoughts you’ve pondered since the last general conference.

3. Have your scriptures ready

scriptures (1)

As you’re asking questions and praying to receive guidance, don’t forget to turn to the scriptures. While trying to become more spiritually minded before conference, personal scripture study and pray are essential to have the Spirit present.

4. Invite others

Friends, roommates, hanging out, activities

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General Conference isn’t just for members all over the world. General Conference is for everyone. Invite others of different faiths to participate in general conference. Invites don’t all have to be in person. Various media and social media outlets cover conference. Invite others to follow the hashtag #LDSConf to read inspiring words from the Prophet and Apostles and other church leaders.

5. Get a good night’s sleep

BYUIDAHOSLEEPS | Courtesy Photo A student takes a nap on a bench in the lobby of the Taylor building at BYU-Idaho.

A student takes a nap on a bench in the lobby of the Taylor building at BYU-Idaho.

As you read your scriptures and pray, don’t forget to sleep. Having a good night’s rest the day before conference allows you to be alert and awake for all the sessions.