Dressing to impress and confidence won’t guarantee that your date will be the one, but knowing how to date will make the search easier and more fun.

Dress to impress

Let’s face it: looks matter. Unless your date is athletic, dress up, according to match.com.

“Follow the rule: before you walk out the door, take a look in the mirror and remove one item. Less is more,” according to “How to impress your date,” an article written for wikihow.

Be kind and polite

You’re on a date, after all. Be courteous and complimentary. Bring your manners and hold the door, let them talk, and focus on them — not other people in the room, according to wikihow.

Give them your attention

Ask your date questions about their interests and passions, but don’t get too personal and keep your phone away, according to match.com. Look at them, but don’t be creepy about it. Holding eye contact for too long can be intimidating and confrontational, according to Lifehacker. The Wall Street Journal reports that 7-10 seconds is safe, according to Lifehacker.

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Talk to them

Talk about your interests and your dates, and try to find common ground. The conversation will be more of a conversation and less of a monologue if you both are interested in the topic and can both contribute, according towikihow. Don’t bring canned lines and jokes. If you’re funny, use it. But, planed humor doesn’t work. What will work is good topics, “like generosity, culture or athleticism,” according to Lifehacker.

Be confident

Confidence will attract others to you, according to match.com. Be yourself. They asked for a date with you, not a copy of someone else, according to wikihow.