As the presidential election grows near, students may struggle to find more information about the candidates they are interested in.

Here are some tools for staying up-to-date on political news:

1. Twitter

Following candidates on Twitter can be very useful.

By using Twitter, you can see what candidates and their campaign staff have to say about current events on an almost daily basis.

Each candidate has their own Twitter account that students can follow.

Students can also check out other political sources on the subject.

For example, The Huffington Post has a political Twitter page.

Because of the 140 character limit on each post, this source of information has very little detail, so it’s mostly short quotes and sentences.

2. Facebook

Each candidate also has a Facebook page with more detailed information and videos, unlike Twitter.

If you are looking for opinions from the public, Facebook can be just what you’re looking for.

For example, The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post also have Facebook pages.

But consider what is found, and do some of your own research to discern fact from fiction.


This free app has categories ranging from politics to events and even music. Each category has the latest and most popular posts about that topic.

For example, select the politics tab, and it will provide the latest political posts from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This app allows students to repost what they find on various social media platforms.