The Humor Code includes a small gro of students who write their own material, rehearse, and then perform. In order to be a performer, however, students go through an audition process.

“If somebody says they’re not nervous, I almost want to say that they’re lying because before auditioning for anything, especially you know, at college like this, you know, you get excited,” said Ashley Orr, a freshman majoring in general studies. “And you know, nervousness goes with that, but I’m way excited. And I really hope, like I said, I really hope I get in.”

Nerve-wracking as it is, Orr says she wants to audition because she enjoys it.

“For one, it’s social and I really want to meet new people. But, I also love comedy. I love performing. I can do drama, but comedy’s where it’s at for me. So it just seems like the perfect thing for me to do,” Orr said.

Orr explains how a person can get through an audition successfully.

“Well, a big thing before going into any sort of audition is to mentally prepare yourself, to get excited for the audition, but don’t psych yourself out. It’s very easy to get psyched out when you’re auditioning for something. In my case, I like to tell myself, ‘You can do this, you know, be confident.’ Because really, confidence is what it’s all about when you’re auditioning.”

Some students prefer to view the performance.

“I’m not really a, let’s just say, I’m not really a stand- comedy person. But I do enjoy it. I would enjoy watching it, or seeing it,” said Joshua Tolibas, a freshman studying computer science.

The Humor Code will have two shows over the semester, one in November and the other in December .  Tickets can be purchased at