Two types of IBC companies have emerged at BYU-Idaho: on-campus and online.

Many companies opt for on-campus groups; however, there are a few that decide to create an online IBC company.

One such company is Wild Will Swimwear, a company that sells matching swim trunks for fathers and sons, according to their Web page.

During a brainstorming session for product ideas, a group member and his son walked into the room wearing matching swim trunks, said Parker Nelson, a junior studying business management who is in charge of the marketing of Wild Will Swimwear.

“The idea is to be the coolest dad in the pool,” Nelson said.

Josh Killpack, a junior studying business management who works with Wild Will Swimwear, said they want their customers to feel the same sense of awe the IBC company felt when they saw the swimsuits and to see the value in the product.

Nelson said to make an IBC company successful, there must be a lot of outreach outside of people at school, especially for an online company.

“We are doing a lot more than other IBC groups because that is where a lot of our sales come from,” Nelson said.

Nelson said there have been a few things that have made it difficult to make their company unique because it is an online company instead of an on-campus company. He said they have had to be creative to make their product distinct.

Nelson said that in order to make their company successful, they must split the work up into different teams.

“What we are trying to do is contact bloggers,” Nelson said. “If they are pertinent to us and we like their blog, we’ll send them an email or reach out to them and say that we want to do a small business feature of them on our own blog and social media.”

He said they work together with the bloggers to advertise each other’s pages, which helps sales.

Parker said the whole IBC program prepares students for the real world.

“A lot of people work with business but do not know the process that goes into making a business,” Killpack said. “There is a lot of facets that you miss when you work as part of that. But, being able to start up a business together, we see what truly goes into creating a business.”

He said they spent a lot of time coming up with different ideas and finally came up with one and it was then all about putting everything together.

Nelson said it was a combined effort to make a decision as to whether it would be an online company or on-campus company.

He said their opinions and the department’s opinion went into the decision.

He said that at the beginning of the semester, they took a survey regarding interests in an online IBC company and how students felt about it, and that was taken into consideration about who would have an online group.

Nelson said he put a ten on the survey.

“I was extremely excited,” Nelson said. “Personally, I feel that’s the way commerce is moving. I wanted to be very familiar with that.”

He said he feels other people in his group feel the same way.

He said his group is smaller than most IBC groups, but that does not keep them from being successful.

“As participants of an online IBC group, we gain a lot more experience when it comes to the online world, how to reach out and how to develop strategies for online marketing for business,” Killpack said.