The Idaho State Department of Insurance approved a 14.4 percent increase in charges to current health insurance policy holders late last month.

The various plans now under this stipulation include Simply Blue, BlueCare, HAS Blue, Essential Blue and Essential Blue Plus.

This double-digit increase was proposed Feb. 1 and affected 11,427 people in the state of Idaho.

By law, the Idaho State Department of Insurance must thoroughly review any double-digit increases suggested by Idaho insurance companies.

The investigation caused a minor delay in implementing the insurance rate increase.

The most recent demographic statistics taken at BYU-I show that of the 14,730 students enrolled in classes, 5,257 are native to Idaho.

These students from Idaho would have been the ones affected by this
latest insurance bump if it were not for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

President Barack Obama signed the PPAC, more commonly known as Obamacare, two years ago.

This act extends coverage to people to 26 years old, covering approximately 94 percent of the student body at BYU-I.

The only exception to the PPAC is for young adults who have health insurance coverage through their employment.

A majority of students are employed through the school.

When students are employed through the school, it provides health insurance or a waiver if they prefer to stay under their family plan.

Most BYU- I students are covered through either their parents’ health insurance, or the university’s plan.