Ron Nate is a member of the Idaho house of representatives, BYU-Idaho faculty and Idaho delegation at the Republican National Convention.

Nate spoke about issues and concerns going into the first day of the RNC.

“The concern coming in, if you listen to the media, was all about security,” Nate said. “But I’ve been here for two days now, walking around town, and it’s possibly the safest spot in the United States right now if you look at the amount of officers and police around and the way they have security set up. So that’s not much of a concern.”

During the convention, delegates will be performing a variety of duties. Some of which are: serving on various committees, casting votes and attending parties.

“I’m looking forward to hearing a good slate of speakers,” Nate said. “I’m looking forward to casting votes on important things like the platform and the rules and, eventually, our nominee.”

Idaho is a primarily Republican state. Nate said because of that, BYU-I students should pay particular attention to the convention’s proceedings.

“We’re in the process of nominating a Republican candidate for president. And in Idaho, that matters a little bit more because Idaho typically goes Republican. So, I think it’s important to students to know what’s going on at these conventions — to listen to the speakers, to understand the issues and decide who the best person to vote for is.”