Story by Ryan Brennan

The Idaho Falls Zoo received an unexpected newborn camel just three months ago. Her name is Zoey.

“I am in charge of all the education activities here at the zoo including marketing,” said Sunny Katseanes, the education curator at the Idaho Falls Zoo. “I do any of the ads you would see , as well as the overseeing the classes at the zoo and the volunteer programs.”

“Camels hide their pregnancies well, plus the parents were very young when they had Zoey,” Katseanes said. “In the wild, camels are supposed to have their babies at around 5 years old. Because the parents are only 2 and 3 years old, it came as surprise.”

A fun fact about Zoey is that she was named Zoobaca because she was born shortly after the Star Wars film was released.

“She has been growing very quickly ever since her birth and she weighs close to 250 pounds,” said Dallas Carle, Zoey’s keeper. “She should be ready to live with her parents this spring.”

The zoo only has 13 employees, but Katseanes says she is always looking for volunteers.

If you are looking to volunteer, you can visit their website at