Story by: Sam Dalton, @_SamDalton

The newest addition to the Idaho Falls Zoo was a newborn Bactrian camel.

Zazu, the zoo’s female camel, gave birth to a female calf on Nov. 16, 2015, much to the surprise of the workers, according to an Idaho Falls City Web page press release.

“In honor of Star Wars, the zoo staff named the new calf ZooBacca and have nicknamed her Zowie,” according to the press release. “Zowie is doing very well and is growing fast. She remains in an adjacent holding area next to her parents, and zoo staff is hoping to allow her to join them on exhibit later this spring or summer.”

The Idaho Falls City Zoo is currently closed for the season but is scheduled to re-open April 9, according to the zoo’s Web page.

Photo courtesy of East Idaho News