In order for Republicans to take the White House in November, they are going to have to carry the millennial vote. Steve Yates, chairman of the Idaho Republican delegation explained how the Idaho GOP hopes to accomplish that.

“It is certainly the obligation of all of us in the party to try to better engage our communities of every age, but millennials — it really does matter,” Yates said.

Yates said the Idaho GOP uses social media to try and engage all of their audiences. But, he explained, social media is not always the most effective method to do so.

“There is really no substitute to having young people engaging young people,” Yates said. “There’s plenty we can say about why we’re Republicans and why we share an agenda of hope, opportunity and growth with lots of different kinds of people.”

Yates said the way to establish the deepest political reach comes from the viewpoints closest to each individual voter.

“It’s never as compelling as someone that’s a member of your own family, a member of your own community come to you and say, ‘Hey, I have some similar life experiences. Here’s why I’m jazzed about this and here’s why I’m a committed Republican versus a committed Democrat.’”

He said there are a number of young people who are delegates, alternates and guests from Idaho attending the convention.

“I hope they have a positive experience, and they take some of the anecdotes of what they witnessed here and share that energy out among their peers,” Yates said.

Yates wants millennials to watch former United States Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell’s speech delivered yesterday on the convention floor.

“I mean, he’s not a millennial, but he gave an impassioned plea of service to country and sacrifice,” Yates said. “It’s up to each generation to pick up the torch and get involved. I really think that’s the best recruiting message we’ve got — to get at the heartstrings and the pride of our country among our young people.”