CLEVELAND — Idaho lost a chance for increased representation following a disagreement on the convention floor, Monday, July 18.

Idaho State House Representative Ron Nate said a proposal within the amended rules, rejected by the rules committee, would have given Idaho 20 percent more representation in future conventions.

Alternate Delegate Maria Nate said that the proposed amendments were not an Anti-Trump movement, but included various changes that would have benefitted several states.

Utah Delegate Senator Mike Lee and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli led voices of dissension, according to C-SPAN.

Both demanded a roll call vote in place of the general vocal vote used by the convention.

The request was denied twice and a final vocal vote was accepted by the Temporary Convention Chairman Steve Womack.

Delegations from Iowa and Colorado walked out of the convention amidst a shouting match between convention goers.

Though the conflict in the convention halls was intense, Ron Nate called it “a healthy debate.”

According to National Committeeman Damond Watkins, Idaho currently sends 32 delegates and 32 alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention.