KATY BURTON | Scroll Photography

KATY BURTON | Scroll Photography

Elder Jorge F. Zeballos said we have two great responsibilities, first, to seek our own salvation, and second, our duty to our fellow men.

“These responsibilities that have been entrusted to us—and which we have freely accepted—must define our priorities, our decisions and our daily conduct,” he said.

He said there are four key principles to help us fulfill our desires to be responsible to our Father in Heaven and respond to His expectations.

He said the first principle is learning our duty.

“If we are to do God’s will, if we are to be responsible to Him, we must begin by learning, understanding, accepting and living according to His will for us,” Elder Zeballos said.

He said having the desire to do what is right is not enough if we do not understand what our Father wants us to do.

Elder Zeballos said the second principle is making the decision.

“Each person chooses freely for himself or herself to enter into a sacred covenant such as baptism or the temple ordinances,” he said.

Elder Zeballos said the third principle is acting accordingly.

“The path that we have chosen to walk is narrow,” Elder Zeballos said. “Along the way are challenges that will require our faith in Jesus Christ and our best efforts to stay on the path and press forward.”

He said the fourth principle is accepting the Father’s will.

“Discipleship requires us not only to learn our duty, make correct decisions, and act in accordance with them,” Elder Zeballos said, “but also essential is our developing the willingness and the ability to accept God’s will, even if it does not match our righteous desires or preferences.”

He shared a story of a faithful couple whose young son died, and who was grateful to God for allowing them to enjoy their son for that brief time.

“Let us press forward by learning our duty, making correct decisions, acting according to those decisions, and accepting the will of our Father,” he said.​