The iGrow Leadership Retreat will be held Friday, Oct. 23, at 5 p.m. to Saturday, Oct. 24 at noon at the Outdoor Learning Center, according to the OLC Web page.

“The purpose of iGrow is helping you come out of your comfort zone into the growth zone,” said Katie Dirks, the coordinator over the retreat and a sophomore studying agronomy, crop and soil sciences.

The program is meant to help students to grow and progress in their testimony, study skills and confidence, according to the BYU-Idaho Web page.

“Our goal is to help the participants to learn more about themselves, grow spiritually and emotionally, while connecting with something or receiving a revelation and answer,” Dirks said.

Dirks said that last semester they had a girl come on the retreat who was debating whether she needed to serve a mission or not. While on the retreat she was able to receive the confirmation that she needed to serve, and she is now out in the mission field.

Dirks said they do lots of fun activities such as the 700-foot zip line, the giant swing, climbing structure and the ropes course.

Dirks said that along with the activities, they also have Brother Ted Ashton, a faculty member in the music department, speak to the participants.

“Brother Ashton constructs an awesome presentation on not being embarrassed to fail,” Dirks said. “It’s okay to fail. You’re not going to get it right the very first time. There is no growth without failure.”

Dirks said they try to help all of the participants have the opportunity to improve in areas where they might not feel as developed.

Dirks said the iGrow retreat helps students to better understand leadership, how to be a leader in different situations and how to rely on others at times.

“The ranch is a magical place,” Dirks said.

Dirks said that the ranch has been dedicated on two different occasions, one of which being by Elder David A. Bednar, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

“I’ve seen a lot of miracles there,” Dirks said. “Everyone has opportunities for growth, and we just need to look for those opportunities.”

Tickets can be purchased online for $12. The ticket covers the cost of the retreat as well as meals and transportation.