Fighting, action, and suspense, what more could you ask for?

On Wednesday July 10 was the Yarrow’s Boy movie premiere, which is a film full of fun, excitement, and a good message.

“This film, is all about overcoming fear and the punch line is, when the light is inside you, fear cannot touch you,” said Ian Makechnie, who plays the antagonist in the short film.

Writer and director Logan Bean of BYU-Idaho, said that this short 10 minute film is just a piece of a script that he has been working on for a cole of years.

“I’ve noticed over the years that I really like the kind of detail that you can put into a parable and a metaphor, so really that’s what Yarrow’s Boy is. It’s like a parable of a lot of things that we can kind of relate to in our own lives,” said Bean.

This film was shot in about 6 days over a period of two weeks. But that’s not all. That doesn’t include editing.

Bean says that every waking hour, he has been working on this film for the last 3 months. All parts of the movie were shot in various locations of Madison County and one of them being the sand dunes.

This film is a remake from a short one he made back in middle school.

The characters, Yarrow, Aideen, Damius, and the antagonist Eidolon is what makes this film powerful.

“He’s evil. He’s nothing but evil and I was trying to like, channel as much rage as I could. It sounds silly but I was trying to be as angry as possible and that’s hard to do,” said Makechnie.

And the movie did receive positive responses.

“Oh it was fabulous! I loved it. It was so fun to see everybody there and actually acting which was really cool and then to actually see everything come together like the special effects and the lighting and all of that. They did a terrific job,” said Julie Peterson, a communication major at BYU-Idaho.

In the end, Bean says that it was a lot of work and he couldn’t have done it without his crew that had 25 to 30 people. He hopes one day that he can produce a larger film.