Written by Brie Boss.

For the first time ever, Infinite Indie will be held this Friday, Feb. 5, in the Oscar A. Kirkham Auditorium.

The show will be made up of students performing Folk, Bluegrass and Indie music. Tickets are $3.

Tyler Adams, the event manager for Infinite Indie and a junior studying architecture, said the inspiration for this event came from different artists like Andrew Belle, Death Cab for Cutie and Phoenix.

“Listening to some of their music will help you get excited for Friday night,” Adams said.

Auditions for the show were held Jan. 28. Judges paid specific attention to appropriate lyrics for the students at BYU-Idaho.

“I love this type of music,” said Nate Van Roosendael, the event coordinator and a junior studying psychology. “It is particularly soulful.”

Both Feb. 4 and Feb. 5 before the show, performers and committee members will be handing out information next to the sky bridge in the Manwaring Center. If lucky enough, you can get a taste of some of the music as performers might have instruments on them.

Feb. 3, Jimbo Stephenson, a junior studying animal science, was jamming out with his music in the MC.

“That’s Jimbo,” Van Roosendael said. “He’s awesome; come and see him this Friday!”

Infinite Indie has been offering promos through their Facebook page. They have been offering free tickets through certain activities on the page. Infinite Indie has a certain number of tickets that they will be handing out over the days leading up to the event.

Infinite Indie would not be complete without the AV and Lighting teams at BYU-I, Van Roosendael said.

“AV and Lighting help create the atmosphere for the show,” Van Roosendael said. “They have a lot more riding on their shoulders, since this is our first time. We know that they will make the performers sound good.”

Sound check commences about two hours before the show. Afterwards they will begin with prayer to await the beginning of the show, Adams said. Everyone is looking forward to the joy they will bring to the audience.