On Saturday, May 21, BYU-Idaho Student Activities will host the second Infinite Indie show — a musical production that features bands and solo acts of the indie genre.

“This show is to showcase original songs and covers of indie songs,” said Kyle Fogle, former participant and a junior studying business management. “It will be people playing music of the indie genre, which is your basic indie, folk and bluegrass music. This showcase doesn’t have much of the folk and bluegrass, though. It’s all about indie.”

Fogle will also be managing the show this semester. He said he was originally drawn to participate last semester after hearing about it from his roommate and then, this semester, jumped at the opportunity when a previous bandmate, now over the music acts in the student committee, asked if he would like to manage the show.

“It’s a good experience, but a lot of work,” Fogle said.

Fogle said he and his three-person committee have to advertise for auditions and the show itself and also hold auditions. Auditions were held last Tuesday and nine of the 10 auditioning acts will be performing in the show. These acts will consist of two bands — Paris House and VIC FOX — and several solo acts.

“I auditioned because I wanted to do that thing that Shakey Graves does where he uses a suitcase and tambourine (to add percussion to) his songs,” said Christian Madsen, a sophomore studying music who will be performing in the show under the stage name Twitchy Tombstone. “I’m using a pedal and a tambourine with my feet to go along with when I’m playing my guitar. Auditions was the first time I did it for anyone, so we’ll see how it goes.”

Fogle said the first ever Infinite Indie showcase was held last semester, and the atmosphere and turnout was such that they decided to bring it back again this semester.

Ellie Perkins, a freshman studying music education, said she performed in Infinite Indie last semester.

“It was fun, and I liked it a lot,” Perkins said. “I think it’ll be fun this time, too.”

The indie music scene has, in recent years, become very popular, according to hypebot.com, a site dedicated to music and technology. It has become the genre that gets more sales than any other major group label since 2014. Music of such independent artist accounts for more than 50 percent of the content streamed from services such as Pandora, Spotify, and Apple music.

“There are artists who were invisible in the music business who now get exposed to an audience that is big enough to support them,” said Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora, according to The New York Times. “There’s an opportunity for a really well-run band to take control of their careers.”

Jessica Tolibas, a first-time participant in Infinite Indie and freshman studying music education, said she thinks this event is perfect for helping more indie artists get exposure.

“I’m playing a cover of a song by Tor Miller,” Tolibas said. ”He’s pretty underground. A lot of these artists are underground, and we are getting them out there by playing covers of a genre that people don’t normally listen to.”

Fogle said he believes the diverse nature of the indie genre and smooth, relaxed sound is what our generation needs in such a hectic world.

Tucker Short, the drummer for the band Paris House and junior studying pschology, said he has a similar view.

“It’s a lot more reflective on the calmer and more peaceful moments of life rather than the excitement,” Short said. “Rock has a lot more of those exciting moments in its music, and that’s good, but indie is more about the simpler moments. It’s not so hectic.”

Fogle said the continuation of Infinite Indie will most likely be based on the turnout and success of the event, but he does not believe that it’s going to fizzle out any time soon.

“I definitely feel like they want to do it every single semester,” Fogle said. “And it attracts people because of its distinct yet not so distinct sound. So I definitely think it’ll continue.”

The performers invite all students to come see the show for themselves and discover the indie sound.

“The music is amazing, and they can be inspired,” Perkins said.

Infinite Indie will be held in the Oscar A. Kirkham Building. Tickets are $3 each and can be bought at the Ticket Office or at the door.