It’s the start of a new year, and tradition tells us that many people around the world have made News Year’s resolutions. A new year means a new chance to become something better, maybe improve upon a weakness of yours or cut something out of your life that has been holding you back. Among the many resolutions to be made, striving to be more positive in your everyday endeavors should be one of them.

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results, according to Success Consciousness, a website dedicated to helping people succeed in their endeavors.

When we think positively and anticipate good results, we ignite confidence in ourselves, setting us up for success. This also gives us the ability to overcome any obstacle or difficulty because we believe in ourselves.

Psychology tells us that our mental and physical health benefits from positive thinking, whereas a pessimist or negative thinker has a higher chance of getting sick more often and experiencing unhappiness in life.

Positive and negative attitudes are also undeniably contagious. Through our words, thoughts, feelings and body language, we subconsciously affect others.

When we bring positivity to someone’s life, we help plant a seed of optimism and healthy thinking. The more we surround them with that positive influence, the more it blossoms and contributes to making our world a happier place.

Negative thoughts poison the people around us. The power of your thoughts is mighty, and positive thinking is essential for progression. The way we think shapes our life, our decisions and our future.

When thinking negatively or tearing yourself or someone else down, or when anticipating negative results, think to yourself, “Is that going to do me any good?” If it’s a negative thought, the answer is no. You are only doing yourself a disservice and being destructive.

If it is a positive thought, the answer is yes. You are doing yourself a huge favor and creating healthy and satisfying habits. Here are three ways to implement more positive thinking in                    your life:

1. Be your own cheerleader. Practice positive self-talk in everything you do, repeating things to yourself such as “I can do it!” or “It’s OK that it didn’t turn out the way I planned. Instead of viewing it as a failure, I am going to view it as a lesson of progression to help me learn and move forward!”

2. Visualize only favorable and beneficial outcomes before starting a task. This may sound silly, but studies have shown that people who actually close their eyes and picture themselves succeeding have a much higher chance of reaching that success.

3. Make a point to smile more. A smile goes a mile. Smiles are contagious. Studies show that when we smile more, we naturally have more positive and uplifting thoughts.

The mind is more powerful than we will ever understand in this life. It can guide us through a fulfilling life of mental stability, or it can destroy us. Learn now how to train yourself to bring positivity into every aspect of your life.