With Halloween approaching, students at BYU-Idaho are gearing up for the season’s traditional pumpkin carving.

Although a wide variety of BYU-Idaho students are planning on carving pumpkins, the inspiration and ideas for those carvings are quite unique.

“I don’t know I just like Disney or maybe superheroes, something I’m interested in, because it’s got to be something fun if it’s going to be decoration,” said McCall Donovan, a sophomore studying home and family studies.

Some students like to keep their carvings traditional, “ [I] haven’t thought that far in advance. Probably a classy ‘jack-o-lantern,’ [I’ve] done a pirate in the past, might do that,” said David Morgan, a sophomore studying psychology.

Other students have a more artistic approach. Kelsie Carter prefers to paint her pumpkins, rather than carve, “I’m actually going to spray paint my pumpkin, like metallically and then I’ll put different flash tattoos over the top. So it’s not necessarily carving, but I’m definitely planning on destroying a pumpkin,” said Carter.

Even though many of the ideas are different many students say that they look to the Internet for inspiration. Crash Bell, a junior studying mechanical engineering, says that he gets his pumpkin carving inspiration from Instagram. Kate Jordan, a freshmen studying elementary education, and Kaitlynn Knapp, a freshmen studying general studies, both agree that Pinterest is one of their resources for finding ideas.

No matter what the idea or the inspiration, Rexburg is sure to have its’ fair share of “jack-o-lanterns” this year. Keep an eye out this Halloween season; this year’s inspiration may be just around the corner.