Each Wednesday night of the semester, Get Involved hosts an Involvement Night for students looking for ways to become more of a part of BYU-Idaho according to the BYU-I webpage.

Megan Dotson, a sophomore studying public relations and director of the Involvement council, said Involvement Night is held from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the William F. Rigby Building lower lounge.

“We’ll give a brief explanation of all the different branches of student support and then we’ll hold interviews for different volunteer positions that you can be a part of,” Dotson said.

Dotson said some examples of positions available are being a teacher in disciple leadership conference or a tour guide.

“There are a couple things that you could do, but it just depends on your time and what you’re willing to
give to the program,” Dotson said.

Dotson said Student Support is very focused on being close to God and seeing His hand in all the work that they do.

“As you serve others, it changes people’s hearts; like you might not change the people you’re serving, but Student Support is all about changing the volunteers I think,” Dotson said.

Trevor Nally, a senior studying business management and the area director of Student Support, talked about the importance of Involvement Night for the program.


Courtesy Photo || Kiley Allen

“Last semester we had over a thousand volunteers between all of the council members and all of the volunteers in each program, so finding and restaffing each semester with all the turnover you have here at BYU-I can be a challenge,” Nally said.

Nally said Involvement Night is really a chance for students who want to be a part of Student Support or at least who are curious about it to come and learn.

“While academics are important here on our campus, I also feel like they really want us to understand discipleship and leadership, those are two things that work really well together that they want us to understand, and I feel like the Student Support program does a fantastic job of teaching student leaders those principles,” Nally said.

Nally said he loved how they can have so many volunteers working, because those volunteers have great opportunities to build programs and people, as well as to learn leadership skills for themselves.

“My favorite part about it all is just seeing growth in people, and watching people learn how to be a better disciple, and how to be better leaders,” Nally said.

Every meeting is free for anyone to come and is classroom dress, according to the BYU-I webpage.