All students, faculty and the general public of Rexburg, Idaho are invited to BYU-Idaho’s iTalk.

“The easiest way to explain it that people can relate to and understand it, is to call it student TED talks.” said Sam Lloyd, a junior studying communication. “We are a student organization, working with students. These are the future experts. These are the future professionals. Our purpose is not to showcase a professional who have already been there done that but to showcase a student who has a good idea and is running towards it and to say that they are doing research and have found research that proves and validates the idea that they’ve had.”

Aside from being a ted talks society, iTalk is an outlet where students can work on their fear of public speaking they can work on the eloquence of their speech and overall they can share what they’re  really passionate about,” said Angelica Mendoza, a member of the Candor society and a junior studying humanities.

“We’ve had a wide range of speakers already,” said Lloyd. “Our first two shows, we had one kid talk about video games and the benefits of video games. We had another speaker talk about male dancing and how there’s many misconceptions with that. There was another speaker that spoke about the difference between light naturally and light artificially.”

Lloyd said iTalk is a part of the Candor society.

“The candor society got to be part of the involvement fair, and everyone was curious,” said Mendoza, “most other societies are accounting or student support or ROTC so candor, it sticks out. iTalk is public speaking which is connected to everything which seems impossible. But even art and biology majors can benefit from iTalk.

The students running iTalk expressed their goals and plans for the society.

“We’re working with the Upper Valley Standard Journal and getting the county involved and letting them know that there’s an outlet where their voice can be heard,” said Mendoza.

“Basically what Sam and I are working on right now is getting speakers lined up for the events,” said Katie Alley, a senior studying communications. “Our first event is in October, and we already have speakers for November.”

Mendoza said iTalk has a Facebook page, an instagram, a twitter, and a linked in group.

“My goal, and the goal of the society, is to help these students feel confident and really feel like they can have an idea and get up and speak about it,” said Lloyd.

students can either come to shows or they can come to the society meetings, Lloyd said. “We meet the same time every week”

The Candor Society meets every Thursday at 5 p.m. in the MC 117A. They can be contacted by email at

The events themselves, we’re really encouraging students to come out for the purpose of making a connection,” Lloyd said. “You come to these shows to learn and to grow, but also to be connected with people that are like-minded. The idea is that these speakers are speaking about something at their core, something that makes them tick. So hopefully, as these speakers are talking, they’re going to meet people who also have those ideas at their core, or something similar. Their topics can cover a wide variety of things anything from mathematics, to sports, to economics, to religion.”

Alley said iTalk’s first event will be on Oct. 1 in the MC ballroom at 7 p.m. Admission is $3.