James the Mormon is rocking with hip-hop

James Curran reached first place on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart on April 28 with his song “Motivation” from his album I’m not a Rapper.

Curran is known as James the Mormon. Although he raps, he does not consider himself a rapper, according to KUTV.

He became an internet sensation by sharing videos with his perspective of the gospel, according to lds.net.

“Dead serious,” Curran said. “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints just asked me to make them a hip-hop video.”

The music video for “Motivation” has over 63 thousand views on YouTube. This is the first single from the album I’m not a rapper.

“I literally couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Curran said on KSL. “So I’m here, and I’m in front of Drake, so that means I’m number 30 in the world. I called my friends for them to, like, verify that I’m not insane and they’re like, yeah, this is happening. “

Curran said his friends were freaking out.

“As I was growing up, I looked to the comfort that rap music gave me as an escape from the constant turmoil that was my life,” he said on a blog post on his website, jamesthemormon.com.

On his blog, Curran said he was frustrated on his mission when members of the Church were unwilling to or afraid of sharing the gospel with others. Curran said in an interview that he wants to change the stereotype of what a Mormon is, according to U92 SCL Radio.

“I want the same vibe that people go to get a Drake album or Lil’ Wayne,” Curran said on KSL. “I want them to walk away uplifted without even realizing it.”

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  1. May 2, 2016 @ 4:13 pm Tom

    I like this guy a lot. Creating art that is not in the “mormon norm” can be challenging. I had a roommate who would listen to these terribly produced, and all around bad songs on Sunday. However, LDS people made it, so, he would listen. I asked him one day, “do you like that stuff?” He said, “No, but, what else am I going to listen to?” James the Mormon is fulfilling one area in entertainment and arts where quality is not suffered because of fear of being out side of the norm.


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