Popular rapper James the Mormon heads to Rexburg on Sept. 24 to film his next music video and host a free concert for the community, according to the event’s sponsor company, Dish One.

The iTunes hot list member will include BYU-Idaho students and community members in his music video, similar to the way he included BYU students in Provo for his most recent music video, “Tellin You Y,” according to Dish One.

This most recent song was No. 1 on James the Mormon’s iTunes account, and No. 50 on iTunes’ Hip-Hop Top 100 chart, according to the iTunes website.

Along with the music video, the free concert will also include a rock wall, mechanical bull, jousting, a “Just Dance” dance-off and raffle prizes, according to the event’s Facebook page.

Joseph Hess, a freshman studying mechanical engineering, said he hoped to be in the rapper’s last music video, but never had the opportunity to make it to Provo.

“This is exciting because it’s bringing what I wanted to go to me,” Hess said. “I first heard about him on my mission. I came home, and it became my running jam.”

Paul Mak, a sophomore studying international studies, said James the Mormon’s moral values make him stand out when compared to other rappers in his field.

“James the Mormon has taken his positivity and good messages into rap, a medium where a lot of people find entertaining and fun,” Mak said. “It’s just a really good missionary opportunity to bring missionary work into rap.”

Sam Haymone, a freshman studying computer science, said he is inspired by the musician’s ability to share the message of the gospel through rap.

“It’s a real interesting way of doing it, but it’s working very well,” Haymone said. “He isn’t afraid of talking or singing about what he knows.”

Zaraiah Ward, a sophomore studying art, said she appreciates a variety of rappers, but especially has respect for James the Mormon’s use of clean language.

“He raps about things we can relate to,” Ward said. “It still has really good beats that you can still dance to.”

The concert event will be held on Saturday, Sept. 24, in the Hemming Village Block from 7 p.m.-12 p.m.