JON LINFORD | Courtesy Photo

JON LINFORD | Courtesy Photo

Jon Linford, dean of the College of Foundations and Interdisciplinary Studies, has been named online vice president of BYU-Idaho

The position of online vice president is a new position at the university.

“There has always been positions similar to this,” Linford said. “This is the time it has raised to vice president.”

Linford said he will be responsible for all online teaching organizations, Curriculum Development, Pathway students and connections with campus.

“This position used to be an associate working under the academic vice president,” Linford said.

Linford said online and pathway programs are growing dramatically.

“This is a relatively new industry,” Linford said. “There is a lot of discovery, and we are looking to learn from everyone, follow the spirit and to be constantly communicating with one another.”

Linford said they are trying to give students a choice between campus and online classes.

“We don’t want solely campus classes, and we don’t just want online classes,” Linfold said. “We need to find a balance between online and face-to-face classes.”

Linford said  there are many people who work with online learning and they plan to listen and respond to situations as they come up.

“I don’t have an agenda of ‘This is what I’m going to be doing,’” Linford said. “I want to take this as we go and be able to meet all needs.”

Linford said there will be more growth in online programs as the years pass.

“I’m eager to learn new things that will be presented in this position,” Linford said.