The Venezuelan government authorized U.S. officials to see Josh Holt in jail located in Caracas, Venezuela, on July 12.

There are still no details of the meeting, according to KSL.

“Josh Holt had traveled on a visa to Venezuela in June to marry a fellow Mormon he had met on the internet,” according to KSL. “At the time of the arrest, Holt’s new wife, Thamara Caleano, was waiting for an American visa so the pair could travel together to the United States, where he had been living in a Salt Lake City, Utah suburb.”

Venezuela is keeping 11 American citizens in jail, according to Deseret News.

“Venezuela is in the midst of a severe social and economic crisis, with President Nicolas Maduro railing daily in televised addresses against what he called U.S. imperialist meddling,” according to Deseret News.

Laurie Holt, Josh Holt’s mother, said her son was arrested because of a misunderstanding, according to KSL.

“He was set up,” Laurie Holt said, according to KSL. “People thought that he was doing a mission and that it was for Washington, D.C. They don’t realize it was a church mission in Washington State.”

Laurie Holt promised on a Facebook post that she will not stop fighting.

“The pain a parent feels for their children is hard to explain,” she said on a Facebook post. “Please keep praying. Please keep reaching out to friends and family to share our story.”

For more information, look for #justiceforjosh on Facebook.

“You don’t need our permission to email someone and tell them Josh’s story,” according to the #justiceforjosh Facebook page. “Please — any help that you can give us is greatly appreciated.”