Scroll TV News story by Corrine Woomer

On Thursday, May 26, the country singer Josh Turner performed at the John W. Hart Building Auditorium.

His energetic show brought out the backwoods-country side of each person in the audience. He not only sang some of his most famous songs, like “Long Black Train,” “Me and God,” “Firecracker,” “Your Man” and “Haywire,” but he sang three songs from his soon-to-be-released new album, one of them being “Hometown Girl.”

Madi Booher, a senior studying public health, said she has been listening to Turner’s music since high school and was very excited to watch him live for the first time.

“The whole show was awesome,” Booher said. “It definitely exceeded my expectations.”

The fans’ enthusiasms shook the auditorium during the entire concert. They sang along, clapped, screamed, jumped and danced the entire time. For four people, this was a very special night.

Mark Orwig, a BYU-Idaho alumnus, proposed to his girlfriend, Alyssa Jackson, a sophomore studying child development, in the middle of the show. Both of them are huge fans of Turner.

“I was definitely nervous about it,” Orwig said. “It got a little bit warmer here, but we survived. It was excellent.”

Jackson said the proposal was very unexpected and that it was the perfect night for her.

Josh Turner said during the show that he may be coming back to Idaho and that he enjoyed being here.