On Oct. 9, the film Just Let Go had a limited release, premiering in¬†450 theaters, telling the story of Chris Williams’ journey of forgiveness after having his wife and children killed by a drunk driver. The film will be playing in Rexburg at FatCats from Oct. 30 to Nov. 4.

The story of Williams and the drunk 17-year-old drunk driver who was responsible for the deaths of his family members was the subject of a Mormon Message called “Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light.”

Williams’ story gathered attention after he showed concern for the offending driver.

“I earnestly wanted him to be OK and to not have sustained any injury in the crash,” Williams told RNS. “I then asked a friend to have his name put on the temple prayer roll, to have a community pray for this young man, joining with my own prayers and desire for this young man to discover who he really is. To wake up and realize his eternal potential and become a new man in Christ.”

The film is meant to generate discussion and awareness of the necessity of forgiveness in society, and audiences will also watch famous pastor Lincoln Brewster discuss the virtue of forgiveness, according to Religion News Service.