KATE LEONARD | Photo Illustration

KATE LEONARD | Photo Illustration

Following curfew is a point of contention among BYU-Idaho students.

Tyler Barton, an administrator in the Student Honor Office, said curfew violations are reported on a regular basis.

“All BYU-Idaho students are to be in their own apartments by midnight every night of the week except Friday, when curfew is 1 o’clock a.m.,” according to the Honor Office Web page.

Libby Staley, a sophomore studying math education, said she always tries to obey curfew.

“I signed the Honor Code and committed to it, so I want to follow that,” Staley said.

Benton James, a junior majoring in marriage and family studies, said he follows curfew because it helps him to be rested for school.

“When I keep curfew, I get enough sleep and that allows me to have better days and better weeks and be more productive,” James said.

Staley said she thinks the spirit of the law is more important than the letter of the law in regards to curfew.

“It’s better to strive and have a real intent to follow curfew,” Staley said.

Parker Frazee, a sophomore studying architectural technology, said students should be following curfew because of the spiritual implications and not only because it is a rule.

“I usually follow curfew,” Frazee said. “When I follow curfew, it’s because I was already going to and not because of the Honor Code.”

Frazee said students should be free to make their own choices and learn from their mistakes in regard to curfew and other aspects of the Honor Code.

“If someone is going to stay out until 3 a.m., they’re going to have to face the consequences of being exhausted the next day,” Frazee said.

Staley said employment is a reasonable excuse for being out after curfew.

James said he thinks it is sometimes okay to be out after curfew to help someone.

“It’s great to try to be home by curfew every night, but there are circumstances where you might get home a little later,” Staley said.

Staley said following curfew shows courtesy to roommates.

“If something is making your roommates uncomfortable or it’s inappropriate, that’s when the Honor Office should get involved,” Frazee said.

Staley said there are some circumstances when it is appropriate to notify the Honor Office regarding curfew issues, especially if it involves the opposite gender.

“Men and women may visit in apartments of the opposite sex beginning at 10 a.m.,” according to the Honor Office Web page. “All must leave in time to arrive at their own apartment by curfew.”

Barton said the Student Honor Office aims to educate and counsel first-time curfew violators.

He said repeat violations can lead to more punitive consequences.

Frazee said that although she may not agree with the curfew policy, she knows it is there to protect students.

“I think if you’re out past curfew doing things you shouldn’t be doing, there could be consequences,” Staley said.

James said a consequence he has experienced from not following curfew is that he once had to sleep in the hallway outside of his apartment because he was locked out.

Staley said she thinks one of the reasons for curfew is to keep students safe.

“Bad things can happen that late at night,” Staley said. “There could be drunk drivers or sleepy drivers or dangers.”

Staley said another reason for curfew could be to instill discipline in students.

“I think curfew helps us create good habits for later in life,” Staley said.

James said he has noticed students judging each other in regard to whether or not they keep curfew.

Staley said she tries not to judge others for not obeying curfew because she has missed it in the past, herself.

“I feel like some people who do keep curfew look down on those who don’t,” Staley said. “Some people who don’t keep curfew think those who do need to ‘live a little.'”

Frazee said it is good to be concerned about roommates, but that students should be more concerned with their own behavior.

James said he thinks students should help each other better understand the spirit of following curfew instead of judging others by it.

“To be honest, I really don’t like following curfew, but I do it because that’s what I said I’d do,” James said.