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A Facebook post by John Bytheway April 22, 2014 introduced the making of a Book of Mormon video game called Book of Mormon Heroes: Servant of Helaman.

Levi Hilton, a 13-year-old boy, is creating the free video game for LDS members of all ages.

Hilton said he created the game to teach people more about the Book of Mormon, according to the Kickstarter campaign page.

“One of the things I want this game to do is make people feel that the Book of Mormon is real,” according to the Kickstarter campaign. “Most people don’t know about the servant of Helaman and how exciting the story is.”

To aid in this desire, the world map is based on the description of where the cities are listed as being in the Book of Mormon, and the money used throughout the game is the same money used during the Book of Mormon era, according to the Kickstarter campaign.

“This game has gospel messages and your kids won’t need to worry about any inappropriate ads or content,” Hilton said. “Some of the clues in the game need the scriptures to be figured out.”

Hilton’s Kickstarter campaign has already raised $1,476, and he promises the game will be completed by the end of August.